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Berwanger and The Star Invaders (Orange Vinyl)

Berwanger and The Star Invaders (Orange Vinyl)


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Berwanger & The Star Invaders (Orange) LP comes with amazing gatefold artwork (matte finish), 150 gram vinyl.

Recorded in Norman, OK at Blackwatch Studios. This record features musicians from The Anniversary, Pink, Cher, Limbeck, the Flaming Lips, & Broncho.

Josh wrote the songs for this record after witnessing UFO's on family vacation 2 years ago. The songs for this record can almost make a trilogy collection including his 2 previous records, and bridge the gap nicely between his earlier bands, The Anniversary and The Only Children.

Josh Berwanger- Guitar, Vocals
Ricky Salthouse- Guitar, Vocals
Eva Gardner- Bass
Jonny Phillip- Drums, Cymbals, Percussion
Matt Duckworth- Percussion
Penny Pitchlynn- Backing Vocals

01 The Star Invaders
02 I'm a Loser
03 Horror Show
04 Broken Moon
05 Stop Believing
06 The Astronaut
07 Never Left Home
08 Cheap Thrills
09 She Still Lives in Me
10 The Cage With the Golden Bars

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