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The Obsoletes- 'Is This Progress?' Vinyl LP (Pre-Sale) SHIPS SPRING 2021

The Obsoletes- 'Is This Progress?' Vinyl LP (Pre-Sale) SHIPS SPRING 2021


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*Limited to 150 Copies (Hand Numbered)*

Black Vinyl

Originally released in 2004 on 1-4-5 Records, The Obsoletes 'Is This Progress?' album has been fully remastered from the original mixes by Justin Perkins. The original CD is long out of print and until now, the album has never been available on vinyl. The album is also available to stream on all digital platforms. Go check it out.

'Is This Progress?' was recorded at Simple Studios in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was recorded 100% on analog tape (1" 24-Track), and also mixed from the tape on a mixing console that did not have automation. This means that the mixes were performances in themselves, and no digital editing was possible which gives the album a raw/natural feel. Clearly, vocal reverb or delay was not in style at the time.

The album was recorded on two different flaky Fostex G24S tape machines, and mixed on a touchy Alesis X2 console with what would be considered prosumer gear today. The stereo mixes were captured from analog to digital via an Alesis AI-3. So against all odds, it sounds mostly okay.

The multi-track tapes were transferred to digital before the tape machine ultimately died, but remixing the album has not come to fruition, so this is just a remaster of the original stereo mixes.

Release Date: Spring 2021

Timothy Schweiger: Guitar/Vocals
Justin Perkins: Fender Bass/Vocals
Jon Phillip: Drums/Percussion

Additional Musicians:
Joey Huffman: Hammond B-3/Wurlitzer
Josh Engle: Hammond B-3/Accordion
Sam Lark Sr.: Pedal Steel Guitar
Dan McMahon: Lap Steel/Backing Vocals/Hand Claps
Jordan Davis: Harmonica/Percussion
Cory Chisel: Backing Vocals/Hand Claps

Engineered by Justin Perkins @ Simple Studios in Green Bay, WI
Jon Hietpas helped engineer the basic live tracks
Mixed by Justin Perkins & Timothy Schweiger @ Simple Studios

Remastered in 2019 by Justin Perkins @ Mystery Room Mastering in Milwaukee, WI.

Reimagined Artwork: Patrick Carrie
Photo: James Arlart

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